The best Walking / Hiking locations in Rhodes Island
The best Walking / Hiking Locations in Rhodes
*See at the end of this page how we rate. Here we consider the Walking / Hiking friendliness of the location, either a natural environment, a historical location or an urban area. The number and size of paths the visitors can follow are taken into consideration.

Butterflies Valley-One of the must-visit locations in Rhodes is the world famous Butterfly Valley, a natural park deep in the forest at the path of a small creek, where the "Panaxia" butterflies overwhelm the area for their reproduction on August. Millions of butterflies are covering the trees, rocks at the specifi...[more]

Old Town-In 1988 the Medieval Town was designated as a World Heritage City. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is the result of different architectures belonging to various historic eras, predominantly those of the Knights of St. John. In Rhodes old town you may find shopping, cafeterias, restaurants and very in...[more]

Rhodes Town-rhodes_island_town.phpRhodes town is situated at the ideal location at the tip of Rhodes Island, over the ruins of Rhodes Ancient town. It includes and surrounds the Old Town (medieval town). Rhodes town concentrates most of the Tourism, rightfully since it has the best sightseeing locations, historical (ancient, medi...[more]

Lindos-Lindos is a village with thousands of years of history since its already known from archaic years and was one of the three Dorik cities of the island, the only one that continued to prosper even after the founding of the new settlement of the City of Rhodes on 408 bc. Famous throughout the ancient ...[more]

Theologos-In Theologos (Tholos) Village is the world famous Butterfly Valley, which has great natural beauty and ecological interrest. In the valley, during the summer, millions of butterflies take up the skies creating an incredible natural phenomenon. Near the village, the ruins of the most important sanc...[more]

Prasonisi-Prasonisi is the most southern point of the island of Rhodes, the last stop in a splendid route through the municipality of Southern Rhodes. Rolling hills alternate between the southern sections of ground and the coast, in a way that lead to a narrow band of sand that depending on the tide is su...[more]

Monlithos-Monolithos is a mountain village, about 73 km from the town of Rhodes, with a population of about 130 people, graphical due to its location, its castle and traditional character of its houses. It is amphitheatrically built on Akramitis's mountain foot (the second highest mountain of Rhodes). It i...[more]

Ialyssos-Ialysos area is well developed in tourism with a large number of accommodations (hotels, rooms etc) and activities for the visitor. Well known for kite surfing and windsurfing due to the constant and strong summer winds, where many international tournaments are frequently held. Rhodes most bea...[more]

Ixia-Mainly Tourist area, well developed that attracts many visitors during the summer period. It has the infrastructure to accommodate a large number of tourists in its large hotels. Many international conventions / symposiums are held in Ixia due to the modern convention centers of the hotels. Also v...[more]

Kolymbia-Mainly tourist area with beautiful beaches and many accommodations and entertainment centers. The beaches with clean waters, pebbled and sandy are well organised with umbrellas, showers and changing rooms. Right after Kolymbia (kolimpia) is the Tsampika beach with the little chuch of Panagia Tsam...[more]

Lachania is found on the way from Gennadi to Kattavia, a few kilometers in the hinterland. A picturesque village with well preserved houses of traditional architecture. The small square with the church of Saint George (19th century), the big plane-tree and the white houses round the square resemble...[more]

Kallithea-Kalithea Area is characterised by its beautiful beaches and of course the famous Kalithea Spa. Kalithea has many small rocky beaches, and the large Faliraki sandy beach. It is a very famous area for swimming because of its crystal clear calm waters. Kalithea Spa is an area which used to have in ...[more]

Salakos is an agricultural mountain village with a population of about 580, graphical with long tradition. It is about 40km from Rhodes Town, and about 7km from the North West coast. It is fortunate to have the "Nimfi" (Nymph) natural spring with plenty of very good quality water from its mountain ...[more]

Charaki-Charaki (Haraki) is a small picturesque fishing village about 36km from Rhodes Town at the east coast of Rhodes, close to Malona village and Archangelos village. Its the ideal location for a quiet holiday next to the beach with all you need in walking distance. A few restaurants / tavernas are of...[more]

Archangelos-Archangelos, a mountain village is one of the largest villages with a population of about 6000 people. This is one of the villages that you will see the traditional architecture of the villages of Rhodes, untouched by time, in the narrow streets of the village. White is dominating with a strong ...[more]

Lardos-Built in green plains and very close to the sea, Lardos has experienced important development during the past years because of tourism. Five hundred meters from the village, are the foundings of the walls and tower of a Byzantine castle of Lardos. It was given on 1309 together with the village, f...[more]

Kalavarda is a small village (about 500 residents) about 30km from Rhodes town, offering natural landscapes ideal for walking, mountain biking in its pine tree forrests. Close to Kalavarda is the Ancient Kamiros city. It has a beach with nice tavernas where you can find fresh fish.

Genadi-Gennadi, built near the sea, is a surprising village, as at first glance it seems to be a tourist resort, it has however kept its old glory with the well-preserved houses in narrow streets. Characteristic of the architecture of the houses are the tall exterior walls that as it appears were very usef...[more]

Koskinou-Koskinou, the beautiful medieval village was well known from the 5th century. The houses in this village preserve important samples of traditional architecture with splendid indoor decorations, folkloric multicolored frontage, which are wonderful samples of the neoclassic period. On the south west ...[more]

Kamiros (Ancient City)-Kamiros is one of the 3 ancient rhodes island cities. In Ancient Kamiros you may visit the ruins of the ancient kamiros town, a magnificent ancient monument that will amaze you because of the visible signs of the technology that was available in ancient greece. Its worth taking an organised tour of ...[more]

Kremasti-Large and beautiful village of the west side of Rhodes Island. Within the white church of the village, built over an older church, there is the miraculous icon of Saint Mary which is celebrated every 15th of August. In this festival / fair, thousands of pilgrims come from all over the island. Th...[more]

Pastida-Pastida is one of the inland villages of Rhodes Island in small distance from the town of Rhodes. It is built on the south foothill of mount Filerimos, and its name in latin means fort. Popular destination for its tavernas / restaurants for the good traditional food, especially in the village squa...[more]

Kiotari-Kiotari is located across the road that leads to Asklipio and to the sea. A beautiful beach with a small bay in which a big rock is found. The rock with the ?Chilioravdi?, a small bamboo hut represents a myth of pirates.During the pirate raids the people of Asklipio would place scarecrows impersona...[more]

Fanes-Fanes is a small village of about 1000 inhabitants, about 26km from Rhodes Town. The village is about 1km inland, and has a nice large sandy beach, which is ideal for Kitesurfing and windsurfing due to the strong winds and their direction. It also has a well weather protected fishing port, which mak...[more]

Stegna-The beautiful and graphical beach of Archagelos village, Stegna beach, about 3km from the village, offers many accommodations and restaurants with fresh fish and traditional cuisine. The clean crystal clear waters and the organised beach with umbrellas, showers and changing rooms make this a good...[more]

Archipolis is built in the foothills of the Mountaintops round from the church of St Dimitris .Archipolis has a rich natural environment due to its mountains and valleys and its abundant water supply. These favourable Circumstances make evident that there has been civilization in the area for 500...[more]

Faliraki-Faliraki area is a Tourist Resort, about 15km south of Rhodes Town, world famous for the nightlife and its beaches. It has a very large number of hotels and accommodation options, and a very large coast / beach of about 5km in length. The beach is Sandy, and in most places it has shallow waters, wh...[more]

Pefkos-Pefkos (Pefki - Pine trees in greek) Well developed tourist area near Lindos, offers many accommodations and a large beach, as well as many entertainment options like tavernas, restaurants and bars.

*NOTE ABOUT RATING: 1 to 5 checkmarks, more checkmarks mean higher rating. The rating is given according to my personal experience and knowledge of my country. This is my personal recommendation to the visitor of Rhodes Island and I hope you will find it useful. Regards, Emmanouil Filippou.
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